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Business’ support for small and medium sized businesses

Every SME business owner is likely to face a time when situations change or circumstances arise and you need to find out where you stand legally. This could relate to employment, property, contracts, ownership or even disputes.

It provides a unique assessment service that you can get advice anytime, and as many times as you need to, for a fixed fee of just £30 a month.

As a subscription service, you have access to our specialist team, who will go through the initial assessment. Based on your circumstances, we will provide you with clear options on the best route forward and whether any legal action is required or it can be resolved without needing to resort to your legal rights.

There are no obligations, no further contracts – just a clear understanding of where you stand whenever you require it.

Many disputes such as non-payment of debts are covered by Civil claims. However there are a number of areas such as employment issues, international business transactions, contracts and commercial property which fall outside the civil claim procedures. For advice on your business issue email

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