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Civil Disputes

Specifics of international private law.
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About 1.4 million civil claims and petitions are brought to the county courts each year. Typically only about 3-4% of these require a hearing. In the vast majority of cases, either the defendant does nothing so the claimant can ask the court to order the defendant to pay the amount claimed, or the disputes are settled without a court hearing being needed.

Civil disputes cover a range of issues including non-payment of debts, personal injury, breach of contract, housing disputes and bankruptcy.

In England and Wales, most of these are dealt with at the county courts. These are also sometimes called the small claims courts, although they also hear more serious cases. The most serious ones are heard in the High Court.

If you are involved in a dispute with another individual or a company we can advise you on your prospects of success, the possible value of your claim and we can negotiate on your behalf in an attempt to resolve the matter without the need to go to court. Sometimes however court proceedings cannot be avoided if for example the other party does not respond or you are unable to reach an agreement.

We offer a fixed cost service which is agreed in advance. For advice on your dispute email

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